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Act Like Your Toddler


When was the last time you held off making a phone call to a potential client or customer?

Even if that person had been referred to you and was expecting your call, have you ever deliberated and ended up putting it off or not calling at all?

It’s seemingly human nature to be fearful of rejection, of hearing the word “no” or of being told the client/customer does not want or need your product or service.

However for the first few years of life we are told “no” countless times without us ever feeling hurt or rejected.

This will resonate with parents of toddlers but anyone who has ever seen a young child make their case to a parent or grandparent will appreciate how determined that youngster can be.

Children will relentlessly ask for a chocolate treat, their favourite teddy or doll, their TV programme or whatever it is they want right there, right then.

I want chocolate!

Well-intentioned parents and guardians will start off firmly declining that request until their objective has been achieved, whether it is getting the child to eat their meal or tidy their toys or even just to prevent the toddler from getting his or her own way.

Yet the pleading carries on.


No! No! No! Don’t ask me again because my decision is final

But I want chocolate – NOW!

and back and forth it goes; on and on and on – and on.

Eventually the parent gives in if only for a little bit of peace and quiet.

The satisfied child has succeeded despite being told in no uncertain terms he or she would not win, despite being told “no” more times than he or she can count.

The point is the toddler is not insulted, offended or put off by a rebuttal knowing he/she is getting closer to that yes.

I am not saying to hound your prospects with the same tenacity as a toddler in a tantrum but the next time you have to make that call to a potential client or customer ask yourself what is the worst thing they could say to you and if it’s a no (which might just be a “no for now”) will that really upset you that much?

Let me know if you have ever come off the phone after a sales call and been truly hurt? And please share with us how you deal with making those calls.