SHOUTING doesn’t work #fatherhood

(In case you didn’t know I am seeing if I can not shout at my children for a year)

It’s been a while.

Since my last post we’ve had what seems like several school holidays, school exams, some family health scares and amongst all of it…yes some shouting.

I truly believe by not sticking to regular blogging I shouted more as it had served as a more constant reminder.

And by sharing my “journey” with my boys they could also remind me not to lose my temper.

Incidentally I recently came across Kelly of IdealistMom’s elastic band trick (applies to dad’s too!) to prevent losing your temper with your children.

So in the last few months we had a trip to Disney Land Paris, parent’s evening, swimming lessons, haircuts, dentist appointments, our 16-month old nephew stay over for a (long!) weekend all of which resulted in various learning experiences.

I know shouting doesn’t work (in our house anyway) and just creates more tension and angst. Yet I found myself doing it more often whether it was asking the boys to help clear up after dinner, do their homework, help one another out or just to go to bed.

Then we had the cowardly bomb attack at the Manchester Arena in May and nothing else seemed quite as important.

An horrific event for so many people, not least the friends and family of the victims, and shouting at my children just wasn’t necessary.

I had intended to write in the days that followed but for whatever reason didn’t.

Shouting at my children was not something I wanted to do but it still happened a bit and my writing fell behind.

Time to get back into it – blogging not shouting!



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