Shoe Shopping – I may well shout #fatherhood

(In case you didn’t know I am seeing if I can not shout at my children for a year)

Had it been school shoes I would have had more sympathy.

Or smart shoes, going-out shoes or any type of formal shoes.

But we’d gone out – not on a long, exhausting, boring all-types-of-footwear shopping trip – solely (no pun intended) new-trainers-shopping for the boys.

So any type of trainers for them to pick.

For the record I detest shopping and avoid it at all costs but when it is local and we’re only going for one or two items as was the case, then I don’t mind and certainly wouldn’t be grumpy to influence the boys or give them any excuse to be moody about it.

In fact I was positively upbeat about it and reminding them how cool it was to be able to pick a new pair of trainers.

To be fair it wasn’t all of them kicking up a fuss – just the eldest, Josh.

Eventually when he found a pair – or rather when we had found a pair he agreed to try on – I asked him to walk up to the shoe mirror and back so he could check he was happy with how they looked and we could observe how they fit and how he walked in them.

This was obviously an unrealistic and over-ambitious request but finally he shuffled along awkwardly making it virtually impossible to judge whether they were comfortable or appeared to fit correctly.

Yet when he reached the mirror and seemed satisfied they met his requirements, he refused to walk back.

Josh, just come here to change back into your old shoes

Come on, if you want them, you have to walk back


Instead of walking back so I could benefit from the frontal view, mostly to spite me I’m sure but either way just to be as difficult as he possibly could, he went down on all fours (yes he put his hands on the floor of the Nike Outlet shop!) and crawled back.

He obviously thought he was being clever and funny.

I was not impressed.

Admittedly it was quite amusing and I do often admire his stubbornness and I reassure myself it is a trait that will stand him in good stead at some point in life.

But not right now and not when he is using it against me!

However I didn’t shout – mostly because it was in public and there are too many CCTVs, smart phones and sneering on-lookers otherwise I might have threatened not to buy his trainers.

Sometimes I just honestly don’t understand what goes through his mind.

I know we are not meant to but I always felt I would be more understanding of and to my boys.

Is it just me or anyone else struggle to comprehend their kids?





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