Don’t forget your swimming kit and I won’t shout #fatherhood

(In case you didn’t know I am seeing if I can not shout at my children for a year)


Monday mornings, don’t you just love them?

If what you do in the morning sets the tone for the day, does what you do on the first day of the week set the tone for the remainder?

I’m not really sure but after a couple of later nights over the weekend the boys are usually harder to get out of bed on a Monday.

This day was no exception and I suppose it makes it more frustrating when it’s only the first day of the week but I suppose they may be more tired on a Monday than by the end of the week.

Or do I just create an excuse for them regardless – tired from the weekend or by the end of the week are they tired from a week of school?

I must admit I pressed the snooze button on my alarm twice too but I was still up and ready in plenty of time.

It’s nearly freezing outside but the house feels lovely and warm, I was just tired from playing football the day before – the boys didn’t leave the house all Sunday so what’s their excuse?

It seems most of my issues revolve around trying to wake the boys up and have them ready to leave the house on time.

So an earlier bed time is the simple cure-all?

If only it were that simple!

Anyway having managed to leave the house roughly on time we actually arrived at school early (I still forgot to hand in a letter to the school office!) which felt like a novel experience although in this cold weather there is a lot to be said for arriving just in time to avoid waiting outside a classroom for the teachers to open the door. Only another year or two of that until Rafi is old enough to be left to go in himself.

As I waited for one of his teacher’s to let them in, I glanced across and saw Avi, who had been lining up to go in to school, wandering over.

Perhaps he wanted to give me another goodbye hug. Maybe he was checking who was picking him up that afternoon. Or could it have been he thought I had tried to communicate with him as I smiled at him from across the playground?

No, he let me know he – or did he say we or even I – had forgotten his swimming kit and he didn’t fancy borrowing a pair from the school’s spare supply or lost property (in my day we called it the skeg keg).

He asked me to go home which is in the opposite direction to the office but the thought of him being made to wear someone else’s long-forgotten, lost swimming trunks meant I would have driven to London and back to pick up his swimming kit.

I was tempted to blurt out something along the lines of:-

If you hadn’t taken so long to get up we’d have had more time to get ready and not forget your swimming kit. Now I have to go back home and bring it into school and I have got work to do you know!

But I didn’t – maybe I’ll save that as leverage another day.

So I went home and picked up his swimming kit checking the towel, swimming shorts, goggles and emollient cream were all in the bag and took it in for him. The bonus was I then remembered to hand in the letter to the school office – it’s the small wins that count!

It was only yesterday I was joking that with him that he had two full-time slaves in his parents and often it can feel like that but I guess we don’t do it for the recognition! Some day he and his brothers will appreciate what we do for them.

Now if they’d all just wake up and get dressed when I ask them!









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