What Was I Thinking? #fatherhood


A supermarket trip with all three of them?

What was I thinking?

Clearly I wasn’t thinking at all as I usually try to avoid going to the supermarket (or any kind of shop) on my own with all three of my boys.

Now I don’t think I shouted; I certainly raised my voice but I don’t think I shouted. The boys didn’t seem to notice I was losing my cool but I don’t think I will ask them whether I shouted.

They’ll only be smug about it and what’s that saying about not asking questions you don’t want to hear the answer to.

Either I have been lulled into the false sense of security as a non-shouting parent that all would be well or perhaps because I thought I only needed to pick up a few items that we’d be in and out so quickly there wouldn’t be much opportunity to wind me up.

Standard practice is to inform them not to bother asking for anything.

Not that I am mean but it’s annoying and distracting and if one starts pestering for something then the others feel aggrieved that they are missing out and are compelled to ask for something of at least equal worth (usually measured by its size or their need for it as opposed to actual cost).

As we were just popping in – it was after Rafi’s swimming lesson so saved me having to come back out later – I neglected to re-affirm the normal commandment.

Josh did ask for something and Avi joked about random treats he wanted (they all did ask for Creme Eggs worrying there wouldn’t be any left by Easter) but I assured them we had enough treats in from Christmas to last weeks.

However it wasn’t the asking for items that would me up and it wasn’t so much the climbing on the trolley (at first) or the irritating attempts to push it for me but the squabbling.

Josh thought he would act as peacekeeper trying to prevent Avi from running into Rafi as he skated on his Heelys.

This caused him and Avi to argue as he was taking more of a pre-emptive strike approach.

I told him to leave it to me to sort out and gave him a stern warning.

Suffice to say he obeyed me for all of about 5 seconds before resuming the exact activity I had just warned him to stop.

He had earlier chosen some Crusha drink which I didn’t really want to buy but with them going back to school I thought maybe it was a good idea to have something that he (and Rafi) wanted in the morning to make breakfast a bit more fun (and that I could bribe them with if they weren’t quick enough at getting dressed).

I think I had stipulated if Josh wasn’t down in time in the morning he wouldn’t be able to have any of it so I felt the power very much rested with me.

Anyway after I’d had to intervene with his terrible peace-keeping role I took the bottle of Crusha out of the trolley and stuck it back on the nearest shelf and continued down the aisle.

After I noticed he’d picked it back up, I took it from him but I already started to feel bad (I’m way too soft!) for not letting him have it.

I thought I’d see how his behaviour was for the rest of the time there before deciding but as I approached the tills I realised I’d dropped off my coat with my wallet inside at home before going to Rafi’s swimming lesson.

Just as I thought what a waste of time it had been, Josh redeemed himself (although it’s only now I realised that as I certainly wasn’t thinking it at the time) by pointing out I could use Apple Pay.

So that was a great relief until I realised the limit to paying with Apple Pay was £30 and we’d scanned everything on the self-service tills and we were up to £48.

So by the time we’d cancelled £18 of items (with the attendant having to come and authorise each one in between dealing with other people’s issues on the other self-service tills) and put them through as a second transaction (which in the process made me miss out on the Morrison’s Match & More Points available from a voucher for spending £30 in one transaction!), I had put through the bottle of Crusha without noticing.

So all was well in the end and later at home Josh came and apologised so maybe this non-shouting (assuming I definitely didn’t shout) is working.

Who knows but bigger challenges lie ahead as the first back-to-school day dawns nearer…




Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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