A Full Year of Not Shouting At My Kids


Really this could and perhaps should have started on 01/01/2017 but it isn’t a New Year’s Resolution.

It’s a genuine attempt to be a better dad, to try to ensure my children respect me rather than fear me (they do neither at the moment of course) and lower my stress levels.

The more I shout the worse I feel and as my (loud) voice is mostly ignored by my children it is largely futile.

Originally I thought a 100-day challenge of refraining from shouting was a good idea but with us being on the cusp of a new year I decided to go for the full 365 days (I actually just checked it wasn’t a leap year!)

Since new habits are not always easily formed but once established they are easier to keep, my hope is to teach my boys that I nor they need to raise our voices to express our feelings, to be heard or to

Some ground-rules though (even though I have already started not shouting); whilst watching football and in particular City, starting with the trip to Liverpool, so long as none of them turns the channel over or the TV off at a crucial time I shall not shout (at them).

It happens from time to time when a button gets pressed by mistake and in the heat of the moment I may let out a little shriek but I am going to try to remember TV nowadays let’s you rewind and they show replays and highlights so it’s not such a big deal even if it does happen.

Also as I said previously should the safety or well-being of any of them or indeed any other person be at risk and the only way of averting the danger is screaming at one of my boys, then I shall not hesitate.

Other than that I am already beginning to enjoy this challenge. I feel calmer and have explained to my three boys that there will be no shouting but they will receive a warning and then the appropriate punishment (usually a ban from any electronic device).

Previously they would have a warning (or eight) followed by a scale of verbal scoldings.

Now they know they can’t wait for a scream to know I am serious.

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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